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Installation Software (DiscWizard)   Diagnostic Software (SeaTools)
Seagate simplifies the installation of disc drives with this program. This software also overcomes many system BIOS and operating system limitations that can complicate the installation of higher-capacity ATA (IDE) interface drives.  

Seagate's exclusive disc drive diagnostic software designed to troubleshoot most hard drive issues.

Downloadable Disc Drive Reference for Windows

Ultra ATA Mode Switching Utility

This Windows Help File contains information on Seagate disc drives, host adapters, troubleshooting, glossary, other OEM phone numbers and much more. A must for technicians and resellers who support Seagate products.

Reg48bitLBA for Windows XP SP1 and Windows 2000 SP3
Windows XP Service Pack 1 and Windows 2000 Service Pack 3 operating systems, or higher, are required to support ATA disc drives larger than 137GB. The registry setting EnableBigLBA needs to be set after the proper level service pack is installed.

If you use the traditional Microsoft Disk Administrator or Disk Management tools to prepare your drive or you need to check the status of the EnableBigLBA registry setting, you can use the Ontrack Reg48bitLBA utility to set or confirm if the setting is enabled.


Seagate Ultra ATA/33/66/100 drives can be configured for Ultra ATA modes up to and including the maximum the drive is capable of. Use this utility to select or to verify a compatible Ultra ATA mode for your drive and system. Expand this download file (self-extracting) and copy to a DOS bootable floppy.

Improper use of this utility could render your drive inoperable, please read the UATA100 FAQ before downloading.