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Barracuda 36ES2

Average Seek Time:

36.95 GB
7200 rpm
8.5 ms

Installation Guide | Product Manual


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                         SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY LLC
                            (C)opyright 2002

ST-336938LW Ultra160 SCSI Wide (Barracuda 36ES2, LVD)

   REAR VIEW   (ST-336938LW only)
        (TOP)                  J5 Auxiliary
          ___________________  敖  1/様様様様\
        ( 忻忻忻忻忻忻忻忻1)由::::::崖 0 0 0 0 突
          \陳陳陳陳陳陳劃陳/    陳 2拈5GG12
       68 pin I/O Cable        崖崖崖
       Connection Male          崖崖崖   SCSI ID = 0 (none)
                                崖崖垣陳 SCSI ID = 1
                   pin-11 +5v 陳抒崖青陳 SCSI ID = 2
                   pin-10 GND 陳潰垣陳陳 SCSI ID = 4
                                  団陳陳 SCSI ID = 8
      pins 9 & 12 no connection   青陳陳 or pin-8 Activity LED*

* These pins are driven low for 250ms after PWR ON and RESET
  to allow jumper selectable SCSI ID as shown above.

   FRONT VIEW   (ST-336938LW)
  藩様様様様様夕                敖調Reserved. Shipped with cover installed.
                                  Do not remove. Do not install jumpers
    TOP (HDA)                  孩様邑     1
    BOTTOM                     塒様余崖崖2
                J2  87654321   J6    崖崖垣 ID 1
                    ::::::::         崖崖青 ID 2
                    崖崖崖崖         崖垣陳 ID 4
 Force Single Ended 抒崖崖崖         崖青陳 ID 8
        Start Delay 潰崖崖崖         垣陳陳 Reserved (pin-10 ground)
     (12 secs * ID)   崖崖崖         青陳陳 Remote LED (pin-11 +5v)
        Motor Start 陳抒崖崖
      Write Protect 陳潰崖崖
     Parity Disable 陳陳抒崖
           Reserved 陳陳珍抒
   Termination Power-source Table 
                 ....様様PWA edge様様 
                              2 1       
   A Drive Supplies Bus        崢      
    (not used on LC model)    囗      
  青陳陳陳陳Default no jumper 陳陳陳陳陳潰

  Note: LW drives do not have internal terminators or
        any other way of adding internal terminators to the
        drive; use external active termination if required.
        Use active (ANSI SCSI-2 Alternative 2) terminators
        when terminating the bus.  Use active negation
        terminators when terminating a SCSI Ultra2 bus
        operating in Low Voltage Differential (LVD) mode.


       UNFORMATTED CAPACITY (GB) ________________
       FORMATTED CAPACITY (GB) __________________36.954
       AVERAGE SECTORS PER TRACK ________________640 rounded down
       ACTUATOR TYPE ____________________________ROTARY VOICE COIL
       TRACKS ___________________________________112,664
       CYLINDERS ________________________________56,332 user
       HEADS ______PHYSICAL______________________2
       DISCS (3.5 in) ___________________________1
       MEDIA TYPE _______________________________THIN FILM/GMR
       RECORDING METHOD _________________________PRML 16/17 EPR4
       INTERNAL TRANSFER RATE (mbits/sec)________298 to 500
       EXTERNAL TRANSFER RATE (mbyte/sec) _______40 Sync
            Low Voltage Differential(LVD) _______80/160 Sync
       SPINDLE SPEED (RPM) ______________________7,200
       AVERAGE LATENCY (mSEC) ___________________4.17
       BUFFER ___________________________________2048KB
         Read Look-Ahead, Adaptive,
         Multi-Segmented Cache
       INTERFACE ________________________________Ultra SCSI Wide
              Low Voltage Differential __________Ultra3-SCSI Wide
              ASA II, SCAM level 2 (1 default)
       BYTES PER TRACK __________________________401Kbytes avg
       SECTORS PER DRIVE ________________________72,176,565
       TPI (TRACKS PER INCH) ____________________58,480
       BPI (PEAK KBITS PER INCH) ________________480
       AVERAGE ACCESS (ms read/write)____________8.5/9.3
         Drive level without controller overhead4
       SINGLE TRACK SEEK (ms read/write) ________0.6/1.0
       MAX FULL SEEK (ms read/write) ____________10.0/10.7
       MTBF (power-on hours) ____________________800,000
       SHOCK (G's, 11/2/.5 ms):
                operating (Read/Write) __________/63/
                abnormal ________________________
                nonoperating (single event) _____/350/
       ACOUSTICS (Bels typical) ________Idle ____2.0
                                         Max ____
       POWER DISSIPATION (watts/BTUs) Active ____/
                                      Idle ______8.0/27.3
       POWER REQUIREMENTS: +12V START-UP (amps) _2.02
                           +12V TYPICAL (amps) __0.31 idle
                           +5V START-UP (amps) __0.86
                           +5V TYPICAL (amps) ___0.77 idle
                           IDLE (watts) _________
       LANDING ZONE (cyl) _______________________AUTO PARK
       IBM AT DRIVE TYPE ________________________0 or NONE

                        Height (inches/mm):      1.0/25.4
                        Width  (inches/mm):     4.00/101.6
                        Depth  (inches/mm):     5.75/146
                        Weight    (lbs/kg):      1.2/0.54

Already low-level formatted at the factory with x spare sectors at
the end of each x cylinder region.  

ZBR = Zone Bit Recording = Variable sectors per track

Seagate reserves the right to change, without notice, product 
offerings or specifications. (08/21/2002)

A copy of this specification file may be obtained by FTP at