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Barracuda ATA IV

Average Seek Time:

30.0 GB
7200 rpm
9 ms

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                         SEAGATE TECHNOLOGY LLC
                            (C)opyright 2002

ST-330011A (Barracuda ATA IV 30011, Ultra ATA/100)

                  J2  40 pin I/O Cable Connection
                     pin-20 removed
                              敖 [spare jumper on pins 5-7]
       嬪様様様様 獲様様様様冤由様様1/陳陳陳陳\    TOP (HDA)
      裕::::::::::::::::::1 :: : :  0 0 0 0 獲
       塒様様様様様様様様様溶8獲獲獲獲青5GG12    BOTTOM
                                 青 Limit Capacity (see below)
                                青陳 Reserved
            O=OFF, X=ON -->>  X-O陳陳陳 Master ON
                              O-O陳陳陳 Slave  OFF

                              X-X陳陳陳 Slave Present (when pins 7-8 ON
                                         used on Master drive)
                              O-X陳陳陳 Cable Select  (when pins 7-8 OFF)

Limit Capacity jumper sets the default cylinder translation
to 4092 to solve issues with certain BIOS that only auto-detect.
Total available sectors are still at full capacity as reported via
Identify Drive data words 52 - 61.  Third party partitioning software
may be needed to achieve full capacity if this option jumper is used.

                          Barracuda ATA IV

       FORMATTED CAPACITY (GB) __________________30.0
       ACTUATOR TYPE ____________________________VOICE COIL
       CYLINDERS __PHYSICAL______________________
       HEADS ______PHYSICAL______________________2
       DISCS (3.5 in) ___________________________1
       MEDIA TYPE _______________________________THIN FILM
       HEAD TYPE ________________________________GMR
       RECORDING METHOD _________________________EPRML 16/17 ZBR
       INTERNAL TRANSFER RATE (Mbits/sec) _______up to 555
       EXTERNAL TRANSFER RATE (Mbytes/sec) ______up to 100
       PIO/DMA/UDMA MODE (max) __________________4/2/5
       DMA SUPPORT ______________________________EISA Type B
       SPINDLE SPEED (RPM) ______________________7200
       AVERAGE LATENCY (mSEC) ___________________4.16
       BUFFER ___________________________________2MB
        Read/Write Multiple, Read Look-Ahead,
       INTERFACE ________________________________Ultra ATA/100
       SECTORS PER DRIVE (LBA mode) _____________58,633,344
       TPI (TRACKS PER INCH) ____________________58,000
       BPI (KBITS PER INCH) _____________________up to 540,000
       AVERAGE ACCESS (ms seek/read/write) ______9.0/9.0/10.0
       SINGLE TRACK SEEK (ms seek/read/write) ___/0.95/0.76
       MAX FULL SEEK (ms seek/read/write) _______//
       MTBF (power-on hours) Office _____________600,000
       SHOCK (G's, 11ms/2ms):
                operating (Read/Write) __________/63
                abnormal ________________________
                nonoperating ____________________/350
       ACOUSTICS (bels) 
                fluid bearing (typ/max) _________2.1/3.0
       POWER DISSIPATION (watts) ________________
       POWER REQUIREMENTS: +12V START-UP (amps) _2.8
       POWER MANAGEMENT (Watts):
                           ACTIVE _______________13.0
                           IDLE _________________9.8
                           STANDBY (typ/max) ____1.15/1.3

                    Height (inches/mm):   1.028/26.1
                    Width  (inches/mm):    4.02/101.8
                    Depth  (inches/mm):    5.75/147.0
                    Weight      (lb/g):     1.2/544

Set CMOS hard drive setup to Auto-Detect with LBA mode enabled. 

Some systems BIOS have capacity limitations. 
Types that have been identified are:
     a 2.113GB or 4095 cylinder limitation 
     a 3.262GB or 6322 cylinder limitation 
     a 4.22GB  or 8192 cylinder limitation
     a 8.45GB  Standard INT13 limitation (CHS[1024x256x63]x512)
     a 33.8GB or 66,060,287 LBAs limitation
and, if exceeded, may cause the system to hang during boot, 
capacity reduction or it can truncate or wrap the cylinders when 
auto-detect options set in the CMOS. FAT16 based operating systems
are also limited to 8.4GB.  New INT13 Extensions in BIOS and FAT32
based operating systems are both required to acheive full capacity.

DOS 16-bit FAT file system cannot access more than 2.147 Gbytes per 
partition.  FAT32 file system can create single partitions and
logical drives up to 2TB.

Already low-level formatted at the factory.

Seagate reserves the right to change, without notice, product
offerings or specifications. (12/04/2002)

A copy of this specification file may be obtained by FTP at