Help Finding a Part Number

How to Find a Part Number on Your Equipment

The following information will be of assistance if you are having difficulties finding a part number on your equipment.

Identifying the part number is very important to ensure you will obtain the correct replacement part.

It is not advised to order a part based on a description or model name without knowing the part number!

General Guidelines:
  • On complete computer systems, part numbers are most commonly found on or near the Serial Number label. (see sample 1 below)

  • On sub-assembly parts - such as motherboards, drives or memory - part numbers are often found on special part number labels. (see sample 2 below)

  • Many manufacturers will use Model and Part numbers interchangeably. (see sample 3 below)

  • Many manufacturers have multiple part numbers for the same part. (see sample 4 below)

  • Part numbers are often found on sub-assemblies only, not on the individual parts or components. For example: do not look for a part number on a capacitor or other board level components.

  • Do not order a replacement without a part number - product descriptions are not to be used for identifying a part. Subtle - yet significant - differences are often not listed in descriptions.

  • Call our trained Product Specialists, we are here to assist you finding the right part number and correct replacement for you. Our contact information is listed below.

Samples of Part Numbers:
  • Sample 1 - Complete Computer Systems. Bottom of laptop computer shown, with label and part number. Click to enlarge:

  • Sample 2 - Sub-assembly parts. Motherboard shown, with label and part number. Click to enlarge:

  • Sample 3 - Model and Part numbers used interchangeably. Toshiba product shown, with label and part number. Click to enlarge:

  • Sample 4 - Multiple Part Numbers. Hard drive label show with part numbers. Click to enlarge:

Contact Information For Product Assistance and Sales:

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